Businesses and Economic Development

Although Westwood is primarily a residential neighborhood, the businesses within and around our community strengthen our neighborhood by providing jobs, services and attractive facilities that enhance our environment.wallgreens

The first step of economic development is to support the businesses that are an asset to our community by using their services or products, recommending them to others, and seeing that the City recognizes them as an asset also. We can also make sure that we have residents in our community who are qualified for available jobs that are in the neighborhood now and/or in the future.

We want our businesses, along with our residents, to be safe and free from crime. We will work along with police to reduce crimes in our neighborhood. We want as many police bike patrols as possible to include our business corridors, as well as the residential areas of 200our neighborhood.

We would like to add a national grocery chain store to a large open space with room to expand in our Southwest Priority Board region. We want the grocery chain to put significant investment into the facility so that it will be full service and top of the line to attract and retain customers. We will support this effort, even if it is not in our neighborhood but close by so that it can serve everyone. This is critical to the stabilization of our neighborhoods.

Medical services are needed in the area. We would like to attract an Urgent Care Office to Westwood, some kind of cluster of medical buildings or a Medical Center West (Maybe Miami Valley West similar to Good Sam North and Good Sam Huber Heights).